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Grades 6–12


Our middle and high school programs maximize student potential with the challenging Keystone curriculum. The MCA enriched learning environment provides the students with the opportunity to exceed the pace offered in traditional schools and even advance to higher grade levels within an academic year.

Our Keystone curriculum combines all the benefits of an independent study program for motivated students, allowing them the flexibility to pursue outside interests and disciplines along with classroom instruction and feedback. We provide an atmosphere that instills social skills along with the desire for knowledge in every student.

MCA features advanced placement and honors courses that prepare students for college-level study and put them on a fast track toward collegiate success. Our electives round out the educational experience and provide a balanced background in areas like art history, health, and music appreciation.

Advanced courses for Middle School include Algebra 1, Spanish 1 and French 1.

Student-athletes complete the necessary core courses with Florida Virtual School in order to qualify for the NCAA programs (athletics and scholarships).

MCA’s high school program is aimed at students who seek to dream, connect and achieve. By selecting the Keystone National High School program, MCA academy enables students to earn their high school diploma, make important connections, excel academically and plan for college. The students develop practical life skills they can take wherever life leads them.

For more than 30 years Keystone National High School has provided independent study programs to high school students from many educational backgrounds and with unique personal dreams. The curriculum also offers advanced placement (AP) and honors courses designed to meet the students’ desire for knowledge and challenge, and prepare them for college-level study. College level classes put them on the fast-track toward collegiate success. A number of elective classes, including art history, music appreciation, health, skills for success and foreign language are also available.

Keystone students are high achievers and motivated learners. College entrance exam scores – SATs and ACTs – reported by Keystone students have been and continue to be higher than the national average.

Graduates of the program have been accepted, some on full scholarship, into top colleges and universities nationwide, including the Ivy League.

To expand the students’ cultural horizons, middle and high school programs include an accredited foreign language program in French and Spanish.

In addition, established partnerships with area organizations and universities provide our students real life and enriching experiences that will meet their desire for advanced learning. Field trips and lectures are organized several times during the year.

Let the journey begin:

Selecting the right courses in high school and planning ahead are the most important factors. MCA’s accredited Keystone curriculum with award winning courses ensures that diplomas, credits and courses are widely accepted by top colleges and universities. Notre Dame, Stanford University, University of Miami, Dartmouth, Yale, The School of Visual Arts (NYC), and West Point are a few of many that have accepted students who have earned high school credits with Keystone.

Current graduation requirements for college-bound students are:
• English: 4 credits, with major concentration in composition, reading for information and literature
• Social Studies: 4 credits
• Mathematics: 4 credits, one of which must be Algebra I or a higher-level mathematics course
• Science: 4 credits
• Health: 1 credit
• Fine Arts (Humanities): 1 credit
• Electives: 6 credits

Keystone’s classic high school program offers over 80 courses, including advanced placement:
Language Arts:
AP English Language*,
AP English Literature*,
Business Writing,
Creative Writing,
English 1-4, Grammar and Composition*, and
World Literature

Algebra 1&2,
AP Calculus*,
AP Statistics,
Consumer Math,
Refresher Math,
Trigonometry, and Trigonometry and Pre-Calculus

AP Biology,
AP Chemistry,
AP Physics,
Biology Lab,
Earth Science,
Environmental Science,
Life Science,
Physical Science, and

Social Sciences:
American Government,
American History,
AP Economics,
AP European History,
AP Psychology,
AP US Government,
AP World History,
Sociology, and
World History

Lifetime Fitness, and
Nutrition and Wellness*

Fine Arts:
AP Art History,
Art & Music Appreciation, &
Fine Art

AP Computer Science*,
Business Law,
Career Planning*,
Digital Media*,
Digital Video Production*,
Driver Education,
Game Design*,
Life Skill*s,
Skills for Success, and
Working for Success

Foreign Languages:
Chinese (Mandarin) 1&2*,
French 1-4*, German 1-4*,
Japanese 1&2*, Latin 1&2*, and
Spanish 1, 2, 3* & 4*

*Offered only online.
MCA course availability is driven by student academic track and graduation needs.

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