8:00 am – 2:20 pm

Regular attendance is mandatory and necessary for optimal student progress. Students arriving after 8:00 AM are required to bring a note outlining the reason for the tardy and signed by a parent in order to have the tardy reflect an excused status on the report card. Students who are absent are required to bring a doctor’s note in order to have the absence reflect an excused status on the report card.

Our program offers flexibility for students who are pursuing a passion such as athletics, acting, modeling, etc., and may need alternatively to attend tournaments, performances, photo-shoots, etc. during the school day. These absences must be approved prior to the date of the absence and schedules must be provided to the school when applicable. Students are responsible to complete all schoolwork missed during these absences. If at any point student progress becomes hindered by the absences, alternatives will be put in place.

School Hours:

8:00 am – 2:20 pm
Arrival: 7:30 am – 8:00 am
Dismissal: 2:20 pm – 2:30 pm

MCA Academy provides supervision for students through the end of dismissal at 2:30 pm only. We do not have an after school care program but do offer after school activities.


Students will be released from school solely to individuals listed on the Child Pickup Authorization Form. A signed Dismissal Release Form must be on file for any student allowed to walk or bike home alone as well as drive him/herself home.

Early Dismissal:

When it becomes necessary to collect a child prior to dismissal, a parent, legal guardian, or individual listed on the Child Pickup Authorization Form must sign the child out at the reception desk and wait in the lobby area for their child. If the child is returned to MCA Academy within the same day, a parent, legal guardian, or individual listed on the Child Pickup Authorization Form must sign the child back in at the reception desk.

Dress Code:

MCA Academy does not have a school uniform. Students are expected to come to school with proper attention having been given to personal cleanliness, grooming, and neatness of dress. Students are required to wear items of clothing that fit, provide adequate coverage, and contain designs or text that are appropriate for school, are not distracting to self or others, and are inoffensive.

Students whose personal attire or grooming does not meet the expectations and requirements previously described, shall be required to make the necessary alterations to such attire or grooming before entering the classroom or be sent home by the principal to be properly prepared for school. Students whose personal attire or grooming repeatedly fails to meet the minimum acceptable standards as determined by the principal and as specified in this rule shall be subject to appropriate disciplinary measures including suspension.

Bullying and Harassment:

It is the policy of MCA Academy that all of its students and school employees have an educational setting that is safe, secure, and free from harassment and bullying of any kind. MCA Academy will not tolerate bullying and harassment of any type. Conduct that constitutes bullying and harassment, as defined by the Florida Department of Education Model Policy Against Bullying and Harassment, is prohibited. Concluding whether a particular action or incident constitutes a violation of this policy requires a determination based on all of the facts and surrounding circumstances. Consequences and appropriate remedial action for students who commit acts of bullying or harassment may range from positive behavioral interventions up to and including suspension or expulsion.

Electronic Devices:

Students may use electronic devices before and after school hours. Students are solely responsible for their electronics. During school hours all electronic devices must be turned in upon arrival and retrieved at dismissal. High school students who leave campus for recess and lunch are allowed to take their electronics when they leave and use them outside the building only. High school students must resubmit their electronics upon reentering the building. Any electronics not turned in and/or being used in the building will be confiscated and returned only when a parent comes in for a conference. If a student needs to use the telephone for any reason, they must obtain permission from their teacher.

Middle and high school students are required to bring their own laptops and flash drives, and use them solely for educational purposes under teacher supervision during school hours. Use of electronics during the school day for non-educational purposes, including but not limited to surfing the Internet, watching videos, emailing, texting, or chatting, is subject to appropriate disciplinary measures including suspension or expulsion.

Drugs, Tobacco and Alcohol:

We maintain a smoke and drug free environment. The possession or use of any tobacco product, including smokeless tobacco, is prohibited. The possession or use of illicit drugs, any medication or substance for any purpose other than that for which it is intended, or alcohol is prohibited. Use or possession by students of tobacco, illegal drugs, alcohol, or any other mood-altering substances during the school day, on field trips, or any special events, shall be subject to appropriate disciplinary measures including suspension or immediate expulsion.


Every student is provided an agenda on the first day of school. The agenda provides a means of daily communication between the school and home. Students are required to have their agenda each day and place it on their desk open to the current day’s page during each class. Parents are to sign the agenda every Friday as part of their child’s homework assignment for the weekend. If a child misplaces their agenda, parents must purchase another one from the school.

Weekly progress emails are provided the last day of the week with the exception of the week prior to parent/teacher conference days. Questions or concerns regarding the progress reported on any given subject are to be addressed with the respective classroom teacher directly.

Change of Address, Telephone, or Email:

MCA Academy must be notified in writing of any change to address, telephone and email.

Student Personal Property and School Materials:

Students are solely responsible for their personal property and school materials. MCA Academy is not responsible for students’ personal property. The cost of any schoolbooks or agendas that must be replaced for any reason or at any point during the school year is the responsibility of the family.

Emergency Procedures:

Should it be necessary to close MCA Academy because of weather or other emergencies, MCA Academy will follow the decisions of the Miami-Dade County Public Schools and an email message will be sent home.

If a Hurricane Warning is issued (meaning that a hurricane will strike within 24 hours), MCA Academy will be closed in order to prepare for the storm.


It is required that students be immunized before attending MCA Academy. Every student must have a Physical Exam Form 3040 and Florida HRS Form 680 Part A on file according to the vaccination schedule for Miami-Dade County before or on the first day of school.


Please contact MCA Academy if your child is diagnosed with a communicable disease.

  • A child with a fever of 100 degrees or above must stay at home. A child developing a fever of 100 degrees or above during school hours, will be sent home.
  • A child may return to school after they have been free from fever for 24 hours without the use of Tylenol or Motrin or any other antipyretics.
  • A child who has vomited within the last 24 hours must stay at home. A child who becomes sick and vomits during school hours will be sent home.
  • A child with uncontrollable diarrhea (3-4 stools per hour) must stay at home.
  • A child diagnosed with Strep Throat must have been treated with antibiotics for 24 hours before returning to school.
  • A child diagnosed with bacterial conjunctivitis (pink eye) must have medication for 24 hours before returning to school. Children with viral conjunctivitis must have a doctor’s release/report before returning to school.

In order for a child diagnosed with chickenpox to return to school, the lesions must be crusted over, fading and or disappearing 24 hours prior to return to school. The child must be free of fever for at least 24 hours without the use of medication.

A child with head lice must have been treated with a medicated shampoo and be clear at a check at MCA before returning to class.

Students are not allowed to possess medication of any kind or take medication on their own. If a child must take non-prescription medication and/or has been prescribed medication, which must be administered at MCA, MCA must be notified in writing. In the case of prescription medications, a physician’s note must be submitted to MCA and the original medication container is required.


MCA Academy does not provide school lunch. Students are required to bring their own lunch with proper eating utensils and are responsible for cleaning up after themselves.

Upon arrival to school, students must take their lunchboxes to the lunchroom, place any necessary items/containers in the refrigerator, and leave the lunchbox on the designated area. Lunchboxes as well as any items/containers placed in the refrigerator must be labeled with the student’s name. Food requiring heating must be brought to school in microwave safe containers and always be covered to keep from splattering. If any splattering and/or spilling occur, the student is responsible to clean up the microwave immediately.

Students are prohibited from eating or drinking in classrooms at all times.

Restroom Breaks:

Restroom use during classroom time is discouraged. Students will have time to use the restroom before school, during AM recess, lunch, and just prior to dismissal. Restrooms are to be kept clean. Only toilet paper is to be thrown into the toilet. Napkins, paper towels and any other foreign substances must be placed in the trashcan.

Falling Behind Pace:

AM workroom will take the place of AM recess for students who do not use class time properly, fail to follow directions or expectations, or fall behind benchmarks. Students will use this additional work time to catch up on assignments or to complete a Think Sheet and apology letter(s) for their actions. Students assigned to workroom must report to the workroom with their assignment(s) and snack by 10:05 and work silently until dismissed by the workroom teacher at the end of recess, even if all work is completed prior to said time. Any student arriving to the workroom after 10:05, failing to focus on their work, or disrupting the workroom will be assigned workroom the following day. AM workroom begins on Monday, August 25th.

Students who fall behind benchmarks for more than one week must remain after school for detention until successfully caught up. Students who fall further behind benchmarks, will be placed on academic probation. In order to avoid expulsion, the stipulations of the probation must be met.

Afterschool Classes and Tutoring:

Students who stay afterschool for tutoring and/or MCA after school classes must wait in Spartan Hall for the afterschool teacher to collect them.

MCA Academy does not provide afterschool care. Parents and the afterschool teacher are solely responsible for communicating and supervising the child before and after every afterschool class or tutoring session.


The Keystone School utilizes plagiarism detection software and implements a three strike system prior to removing the student from a course and the Keystone curriculum altogether.

Students must maintain academic integrity at all times. Submitting an assignment that is not the student’s original work, plagiarizing, sharing work, or obtaining answers from another individual or source on exams or assignments that are to be completed independently, etc. will result in disciplinary action, which may range from redoing the assignment to expulsion from the curriculum program and MCA Academy.

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