Student Testimonials

Mathilde – Alumni

I have been going to MCA for 8 years. In that time, I have met so many wonderful people and found great love all around me. So much of myself has been created and found in the family I have made here. Before my senior year, I felt unsure of what it would be like for me once I graduated. In this past year, however, the accumulation of memories and love for those around me has reassured me that the love I found here will be a part of me for the rest of my life. Looking back, I feel that my years here reflect in me deeply. Endless memories have all made a solid foundation and trust in myself for who I am, and what I am sure I can achieve.

I had a lovely high school experience. All these little moments and conversations we all had over the years were so meaningful. The more everyone became closer, the more we all formed as pieces all connected and a part of one another. It is wonderful to see how each of us has our own ways. What makes one friend light up and another cry of laughter. How you can know someone so well and for a long time that being with them is effortless and fun. It is that rhyme we all have together that made my time at MCA so memorable. When I was a part of the Character Counts Club, doing and planning the Monday meeting skits was always silly and enjoyable. Being in the Student Council, planning and putting together activities, and seeing everyone having a good time and working together was incredibly rewarding. All the fun we would have in Ms. L’s classes like Spanish class karaoke, and when we would leave the class to an event that has been planned like our potlucks. Another time some of us went swimming by the boardwalk on a beautiful sunny day during lunch break. Some of my fondest memories are from our conversations where ideas and remarks would be bouncing off one another and we would all be joking and laughing. We would often go to the spot with benches by the gym and talk all break, and other times we would run around racing in the garage. It did not matter where we were when we all hung out, though. I will miss how we all were together, all of our constant jokes and remarks among friends, staff, and teachers. All those little moments meant the most to me.

I do not have a plan for the future yet, although I know that I love the natural world, and see myself in various places like our farm, windmill, and with family in Denmark. I plan to continue to study, possibly in the field of psychology. I see myself walking in forests, by the water often, reading and writing, working on what I choose to do, and happy with my family and friends.

I am beyond thankful to so many people from MCA. All the teachers I have had were unique and lovely in the way they approached class, as well as just being truly kind, interesting, and amazing people themselves. Many of them became to me a fusion of teacher, friend, and family. It is hard to begin writing out specifics about my gratitude for people like Ms. L, Ms. A, Ms. J, and more, because I would need far more pages to begin on how thankful I am to just one or all of the staff that make up MCA. They have all had a significant impact on me and my life, and I love them all greatly. To all of my amazing friends, lovely staff, and wonderful teachers, thank you so much for making being at MCA an incredible experience, and for all of the memories I will carry with me forever. I love you all so much.

For a message to other students, try your best to live presently in the moment, as one day you will be graduating soon like I am, and looking back. What you will have then are the memories you made and how present you were them.


Kathinka – Alumni

My journey at MCA started when I was in the 5th grade. My sister had joined the year before and was always talking about how much she enjoyed going to her new school. I was surprised by this because I had never heard her say that before in all the schools that she attended and dreaded before. I often watched in jealousy as she had free time after school to do the things she wanted, as I stressfully did hours of homework with my tutor. So, when I finished my 4th grade year, and after my mom heard of my sister’s great experience, she put my younger brother and me into MCA. That was eight years ago, and now I am graduating.

My high school experience has been wonderful. Whether it was at school or from home on my laptop, I always felt connected to my teachers and classmates. I was very grateful for this, especially during those hard times during COVID where we all felt isolated. Going into high school, I was insecure about myself, as most middle schoolers were, but after maturing and focusing on myself I became a much more confident and social individual. In the years I attended MCA, I made so many amazing and deep friendships that I am so happy and thankful that I made and kept. The friends I had at MCA are a huge part of the enjoyment I had during my years there.

Earning my diploma means so much more than just finishing high school. It means new beginnings with new possibilities, “when one door closes and another one opens” and I am so excited about where this new door will take me. As of this year, I have decided to take a gap year to travel to Denmark, where my mother is from, to learn more about the culture and language, as well as possibly attend university there the year following.

I would like to thank all of the teachers who have taught me throughout my years at MCA. Ms. L, Ms. Perez, Ms. Curson, Ms. Correa, Ms. J, the principal Ms. Acosta, and many more for being amazing people and teachers who made school feel like not only a second home but a second family. I know I will cry a lot during graduation, and I will miss all of you so so much. I also want to thank my mom, dad, and family for always supporting me through it all and always believing in me.

A message I leave for other students is to always focus on yourself and your worth and let that be your motivation to be your best self.

Myles – Alumni

I chose MCA because of the better environment and the light homework. At my old school, I was bullied and had hours of busy work for homework. I was stuck learning at a slow pace because the teachers could not put me at an accelerated pace with a class of 36. I still remember my visit to MCA on a Friday back in fourth grade. That day, I met friends and created a family that would grow and change with me throughout my time here at MCA.

My high school experience is unique to say the least. My 14-month quarantine brought about many changes across every part of my life. It has led to a change in my decision into where I want to focus my education from medicine to tech. It also gave me a 4-month period where I lived with my grandparents on a lake, which drove me to sailing competitively. Transitioning back to school in person was a slight challenge, but a welcomed one. Many amazing memories have been created over my eight years at MCA. Many come from the intriguing and funny conversations in math class.

My high school diploma signifies a new chapter in my life. The paper itself is not the accomplishment. The gain of information, life skills, and friends through the journey of getting that paper is what I have truly achieved and will take with me on my journey to higher education. My plan is to go to college next year and chase my passions in learning and sailing. I applied to many colleges and got accepted to half of them. The ones I was accepted to were University of New Hampshire, University of Vermont, University of Miami, Hobart and William Smith Colleges, Eckerd College, and Connecticut College.

There are a few people I would like to thank for truly making me who I am. Mr. F has had a major influence on me. He helped create a solid base to build advanced math concepts upon. He also made me a better sailor through numerous crazy adventures. Ms. J welcomed me to MCA and made the school a second home to me. Mathilde has been a great friend since we met before coming to MCA. Huge thanks to them, my teachers, and my friends.

I have two messages that I wish to leave behind. My first message to other students is to chase your goals to completion, take meaningful breaks, but never quit and give up. The other is to always help others as it will pay off, not necessarily with money, but with happiness and personal satisfaction.


Cece – Alumni

Technically speaking, I didn’t really choose to apply to MCA myself. I had just recently moved from Hawai’i to Florida, so my mom was trying to find a new school for my siblings and I to go to. She eventually found MCA, which was similar to my small all-girls school back in Hawai’i. Going to MCA has definitely improved my focus and understanding, and I am so glad I ended up coming here!

I think I could honestly say that my high school experience was full of ups and downs but also fun and excitement! However, I could not have gone through it without my best friends in the whole world, May and Kat. I can’t even believe it’s been over 5 years since we became friends! May, I truly believe that we are twin flames. There is no one in the world that gets me like you do. It didn’t matter what we were doing or where we were, whether we were at school, the mall, thrifting, or Gram’s house, it just mattered that I was there with you. You are the most amazing person and I hope you know how much I care and appreciate you. I miss you more than anything in this whole world and I’m counting down the days ‘till I can see you again! Kat, we are literally the same exact person. I could talk to you for hours and hours about everything and nothing at the same time, just laughing and saying nonsense ‘till we can’t breathe. You are actually the coolest, smartest, funniest, most gorgeous person I know. Words can’t even explain how excited I am that we are both going to be in New York for college! We’re going to have the absolute time of our lives and I’m so ready for the next four years of our lives. I love you both so, so much and I am so excited to see you again!

I honestly never really thought that the time would finally come for me to receive my diploma. It always seemed so far away; I just didn’t think about me graduating high school. I feel pretty proud to be able to say that I’ll be graduating and heading off to college, and that all the stress and hard work really did pay off. My plan for the future is to continue my path in the fashion industry through design, marketing, and merchandising. I have applied and gotten in to Marist College where I hope to further said goals and gather experience and knowledge so I can hopefully become a successful designer on my own someday.

I would like to say the biggest thank you to my mom for always being there for me. You would sacrifice anything for our family, and I am so grateful for everything you have done. You have been my best friend and number one supporter since the moment I was born, and I am so lucky to be able to call you, my mom. I love you so much and I can’t wait to make more memories in the exciting future!

I would just like to say not to give up on your dreams and to work hard, but also don’t forget to have fun!

Salvador – Alumni

I chose MCA because of its reputation for academic excellence and its focus on nurturing well-rounded individuals. MCA’s strong emphasis on character development, along with its rigorous academic program, helped me develop the skills and mindset I needed to achieve my goals. The school’s supportive environment and excellent faculty inspired me to push myself academically and to pursue my passions both in and outside of the classroom.

My high school experience has been full of amazing memories and valuable lessons. One of my fondest memories is participating in my previous school’s annual science fair, where I was able to explore my interest in science and showcase my research skills. At MCA I made lasting friendships with my peers and teachers, who provided invaluable support and encouragement. However, I also faced challenges such as time management and balancing my academic workload with extracurricular activities. Through hard work and dedication, I was able to overcome these challenges and grow as an individual.

Earning my diploma means everything to me. It represents the culmination of years of hard work, sacrifice, and dedication, and it is a testament to my commitment to achieving my goals. I feel a great sense of pride and accomplishment for attaining this milestone, and I am excited for the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead.

My plan for the future is to attend college and pursue a degree in Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. I have applied to several colleges and have been accepted to my top choice school. I am excited to continue my academic journey and to explore new opportunities and experiences in college.

I am incredibly grateful to my family, friends, and teachers who have supported and encouraged me throughout my high school journey. Their unwavering support and guidance have been instrumental in helping me achieve my goals, and I am forever thankful for their love and kindness.

My message to other students is to never give up on their dreams and to always pursue their passions with dedication and hard work. Your high school experience is just the beginning of your journey, and there are countless opportunities and challenges waiting for you in the future. Always remember that with perseverance and a positive attitude, anything is possible.

“Push harder than yesterday if you want a different tomorrow.”


Matias – Alumni

Choosing the right school and program is essential in achieving your goals. My parents took the time to research and understand my options, and help me choose the one that fit my interests and aspirations. MCA Academy has helped me excel as a person and expand my knowledge. My time at MCA has made countless memories and friends that I hope will last a lifetime. Earning my high school diploma is a big achievement for me. It is a stepping stone towards my future goals and my future life.

My plan for the future is not the clearest. I know I will attend college in hopes to pursue my degree as a psychologist to ultimately go to law school. I applied to many colleges and I was fortunate enough to get into almost all of my colleges I applied to as well as receive scholarships for most of those. In the following weeks I have to make the hard choice to choose my future college.

The last four years of my life have been very eventful and a great adventure. I hope that the students that continue to come to MCA for many years to come find it as enjoyable and fun as I have, while being able to excel in all of their academic goals.

Chase – Alumni

As I approach the end of this journey at MCA Academy, I look back upon the past four years with criticism; whether it is judging a decision I made or path I decided to follow. However, after thinking about it, I am very fond of these choices and experiences, as it has shaped me into the individual I am today. Obviously, there are decisions I have made that I would like to revert, but without some of those decisions, I would have likely not ended up in this position today.

When I moved to Miami, I was traveling frequently through baseball and saw MCA as a great fit for my extracurriculars. Once baseball ended for me and I was deciding on a direction to go in, I decided to stay at MCA, in large part due to my relationship with Ms. Acosta and Mrs. Perez. Ms. A and Mrs. Perez have been vital components of my life these past four years and without them I would not be where I am at. 

There are many people that have helped me throughout high school that deserve recognition and gratitude. The two that stand out the most are my dad, who continued to have faith and trust in me no matter the circumstance, and my mother who has always believed in me and has been there every step of the way.

Getting my diploma is more significant than just receiving a paper. While it helps open many doors for the future, it is also indicative of all the memories, struggles, times of perseverance, and experiences of the past four years that you will get to look back on forever. These moments with friends may have felt like nothing in the moment, however, as time passes their significance only continues to grow. 

While college is not the ideal path for everyone, it has always been a goal of mine to reach the collegiate level and to further my education past high school. To date, I have been accepted to all four schools I have heard back from, including my top two: Auburn University and Florida State. I have visited both schools and am planning on going to Auburn with some of my friends, where I plan to initially study business management. While business is my initial choice, I look forward to getting up to college and finding a field I am passionate about before I lock in on a major. 


Camila – Alumni

I chose MCA Academy because it had all the academic tools I needed to be successful. MCA helped me to achieve my goals by allowing me to take classes that would benefit me in college. For me, earning my diploma means that all of my hard work and determination is showing. I feel very proud of myself for attaining this accomplishment because it took a lot of dedication and hard work. I feel ready for the next step and plan to attend Curry College. I do not know what my major will be yet but it will be in something that has to do with humanitarian work. I would like to say thank you to all of my teachers and Ms. A for always helping me through this journey. 

Jorge – Alumni

I have been at MCA since 8th grade, five years now. In those five years I have grown so much. I am definitely a more confident and resilient person. I have the self-confidence, knowledge, and drive to feel good about taking the next steps to college and my future.

I came to MCA because I was traveling a lot as a sailor, and my public school was not allowing me to further my sailing because of the time I was required to miss at school due to out of state regattas that I was attending. MCA gave me the opportunity to sail out of state and out of the country while not falling behind in school. I stopped sailing after a couple of years at MCA and thought about going back to the public school system, but quickly realized that I had hit the lottery with my MCA teachers – and there was never any way I would go back to the public-school system.

I am so grateful to every teacher that I have had during my time at MCA. I honestly love them all so much and give thanks to them all equally. All my teachers have played a huge role in my academic success and I could not have done it without any one of them. Ms. Perez has been with me since the beginning of my journey at MCA, and she is like family to me. I could talk to her about anything at any time and I will always be grateful for the compassion she has shown me and the conversations we have shared. But honestly, I will miss all of my MCA teachers and I will never forget the work ethic they have instilled in me for life. Thank you for caring about me these past five years. I would not be here if it weren’t for all of your amazing support!

I would like to tell other students that MCA is like no other school. Appreciate the teachers and how much they care about your future and your well-being. This is something that is very hard to find. My amazing teachers are what has made this school such a wonderful place for the past five years. Nothing compares to teachers that really want you to succeed and give you the tools and motivation to do it.

I am very excited for the future. My plan is to get my Associates in Arts degree at Valencia College in Orlando, Florida. Then I will transfer to the University of Central Florida for my bachelor’s degree in Integrated Business. With that degree I will have many opportunities to enter the business world. I am still not exactly sure of my career path, but I believe this college plan will help lead me to a great career.


Elisa – Alumni

My high school experience at MCA Academy has been quite delightful. I chose MCA because it was an absolutely wonderful school for me, and I felt it was well suited to my educational needs. The four years I have spent at MCA have been an amazing experience. It has helped me achieve my goals by allowing me to learn in a splendiferous environment.

I have been accepted to Emmanuel College, Wheaton College (MA), The University of Massachusetts, Suffolk University, and Emerson College. I don’t yet know which college I am going to attend but my plan for the future is to study either history or criminology and then go to law school to become a business or a divorce lawyer. I would like to thank all of my teachers at MCA for supporting me. 

Emily – Alumni

My high school experience has definitely been an incredible one. I have met many amazing people along the way and have made many new friendships. I want to shout out Mireyla, Delfina, Elisa, and Ema, for being some of the nicest and funniest people I have ever met, and I am thankful to have met them at MCA Academy. I am also thankful to have had the opportunity to have such caring and thoughtful teachers, who only want to see their students succeed. I feel I have achieved a great education and MCA has helped me get accepted into multiple colleges.

I chose MCA because it is a small school, where teachers ensure every student has access to any extra attention and guidance they may need to succeed. All the teachers at MCA want their students to succeed and are passionate about teaching. All the teachers get to know their students not only on an academic level, but also on a personal level, and I feel this has helped me thrive in high school. Ms. L, I appreciate how kind, understanding, and patient you have been with me for the last three years at MCA. You are a wonderful teacher, and I learned a lot from you as a student. Ms. Hernandez, thank you for helping me with my college recommendation letter on such short notice. I appreciate your help with the college work and with any work in class. You care about all your students and ensure they are successful in learning new material in class. You are an awesome teacher and I enjoyed having you as my educator for the first time this year. Ms. Acosta, thank you for helping me with my common app and ensuring all the colleges received the necessary paperwork. You care about all the students and ensure they are in a happy learning environment. Thank you for being an amazing principal!

My diploma represents all my accomplishments from the four years of attending high school. I am proud of myself for pushing through any struggles and hardships I have dealt with the last four years, and for not giving up when times get hard. I will begin my college career at Clemson University in the fall of 2021, where I will major in the animal sciences. I then hope to apply to veterinarian school in 2025.

“Push harder than yesterday if you want a different tomorrow.”


Mireyla – Alumni

Being at MCA Academy has been a great experience that has allowed me to create many fond memories. Some of my favorite memories from MCA were the many lunch periods I got to enjoy with my friends and the delicious cakes from the birthday celebrations each month. I chose MCA because of its friendly environment and flexible schedule. The flexibility of MCA helped me achieve my goals because it allowed me to have enough time to work on my fashion design portfolio while still doing well in school.

A message I would like to leave behind for other students is to take advantage of the amazing and helpful staff of MCA. A special thank you I would like to give is to Mrs. Perez for all the help she has given me during my time at MCA. Thank you for lending a helping hand from my math homework to my college essay and always doing it with a smile.

Earning my diploma is very important to me because it is something I have been looking forward to for many years. I am excited to start this new chapter in my life and see what path life takes me on. I plan to attend LaSalle College Vancouver where I will earn a bachelor’s degree in fashion design. After that, I look forward to getting a master’s degree and working in the fashion industry.

Mateo – Alumni

I joined MCA my sophomore year of high school. I was nervous at first because I was coming from such a drastically different environment; a large public school with a large student body. I did not think I would fit in or get along with MCA’s students. However, I quickly made friends with great and caring people who I hold in high regard today. They were a big reason for making my transition to a much smaller school setting a lot smoother than I anticipated. The individual attention I received from teachers also massively helped improve my GPA. The management system of the work at MCA has additionally allowed me to take classes and take part in performances outside of school. Furthermore, joining the MCA Academy Student Council, my first ever leadership club, and eventually becoming president, helped put me in a great position to be admitted into a variety of universities. For these reasons, I am thankful for my time here.

While a smaller environment could seem intimidating at first, I learned to not take the relationships and bonds I made here for granted, there are some really cool and interesting people that you could one day make memories with if you give it the chance. A good way to do this for me was joining clubs like the MCA Academy Student Council and Character Counts Club, and having lunch with people who share similar interests as you. For the younger students who have been a part of the high school during my time here, I wish you the best of luck and thank you for everything.

There are several important people that have made my journey to graduating special and worthwhile. Firstly, Ms. A gave me an opportunity to join MCA with open arms and took me under her wing and guided me the past three years. Her wisdom, gratitude, patience, and kindness have helped me grow and shown me how to be a leader. I am in her debt for that and I cannot thank her enough. Mrs. Perez also helped me grow a lot as my English teacher during my time here. My writing and overall work ethic improved under her guidance, and holding me accountable both academically and with student council has helped me become more responsible. Mr. F was one of the people who made coming to MCA very enjoyable. His energy and bright personality always made my day better and made learning fun. Lastly, to my fellow senior classmates and former seniors for being my dear friends and extended family. I will always remember the fun times and struggles I went through with you, and I wish you the best of luck wherever you end up.

I am excited and proud to be earning my diploma and I see it as a rite of passage. From that moment forward, I will be in charge of my destiny and will go as far as I work and desire. I was admitted into FSU, UF, Rutgers, SUNY Purchase, and UCF. Next school year I will be attending FSU as part of the BFA Acting program. Acting has long been a passion of mine and I take great pride in developing my craft and performing. I believe that the conservatory training over the next four years will put me in a great position to continue to grow and work in the future.


Samantha – Alumni

My high school experience in MCA academy has been amazing. I was nervous at first when it came to transitioning into high school because I had no idea what to expect. However, Ms. L, Mr. F, Mrs. Perez, and Ms. Acosta have helped guide me to success. When I faced certain challenges within my academics, my teachers were always there to help me. Throughout my four years of high school, I have made new friends who always had my back and made me smile if I was having a rough day. They also helped me get more comfortable in my own skin and interact more with the other students.

I chose MCA because I needed to be in an environment that was safe and where I could thrive academically. Throughout the eight years at MCA academy, I have felt both comfort and contentment. Before I came to MCA, I was very apprehensive and isolated. I was unable to physically look at someone in the eye and speak to them because I was so shy. I thought that people would not like me for who I am. When I first came to MCA, I did not know anyone, and I kept my head down. However, the teachers and students here helped me gain my confidence to socialize more. MCA Academy has been a big help when it comes to achieving my goals. I would not get the same sanctuary and satisfaction that I do here if I were in another high school.

I came into MCA in fifth grade. On my first day, Mrs. Jonasson, my elementary teacher, came up to me with the biggest smile I had ever seen. She introduced herself and said that she was so happy to have me in her class. She made me feel very special and she still does today. Middle and high school was a real challenge for me, however my teachers helped guide me through it. Ms. L, my English teacher, helped me express my ideas and creativity through my writing. She is so gentle and helpful, and I am so grateful to have her as my teacher. Mrs. Perez has been my teacher for many years. She’s been so supportive and was willing to help me when I was struggling with assignments. She would also come up to me when I was blue and tell me that it will get better. Mr. F has been my science and math teacher since I started middle school. He always gets so excited about teaching math to his students. He has helped me improve my math skills throughout the years. Ms. Acosta has been amazing to me throughout the years at MCA. She has given me so much comfort and happiness at this school. I would also like to thank every teacher and staff that has helped me succeed and smile. MCA’s teachers do not want to see a single student fail and give up on their dreams. I would not know what I would do without my MCA family.

The message I would like to leave to other students is that although the whole concept of high school can be nerve racking, I can guarantee that you will flourish. MCA allows you to take as much time as you need without feeling pushed or rushed. If you are struggling, always ask your teachers for help because they are always there to support you no matter what. You can also go up to Ms. Acosta or Ms. Henrys for assistance if your teachers are not available. The teachers and staff here love you no matter what and they all care about your future.

The college that I am attending in the fall is Miami Dade College where I will study journalism. In English, I have written many essays and poems that my teachers and parents have been impressed by. When I write something, my mind is full of creativity and imagination. My mind is at peace when I write, and I feel my mind flow. I am hoping to go into social media journalism in the future. I am super excited to start a new chapter in my life!

Earning my diploma means that I will start my next chapter in life. MCA has taught me how to succeed in life and to not be afraid of new challenges. My four years of high school have been a huge challenge; however, I have managed to complete things that I thought were difficult. I’ve been able to maintain As throughout my courses and recently I was chosen to be part of the National Society of High School Scholars (NSHSS). This program provides high school students with the resources that they need to succeed in college. I feel like receiving my diploma will make me realize that my hard work and dedication has gotten me to this point in my life. I am so grateful for being a student for many years at MCA academy!

Fernando– Alumni

My high school experience was a unique one. I went from being at Coral Gables Senior High to homeschooled, and then finally making it to MCA Academy. My experience at MCA has truly save my high school experience, it has made it unique and unlike any other high school. I have created great friendships here and I have created great bonds with my teachers.

I chose MCA because of the good things alumni had said about it. Once I was at MCA, it has helped me achieve my goals tremendously. I earned straight As for the first time in my life, which was because I had a group of people believing in me along the way including myself.

I would like to send a message of gratitude to all of my teachers that have pushed me to be a greater version of myself. I would personally like to thank Ms. L for being one of the best teachers I have ever had. She always helped me no matter what and always with a smile on her face. She helped me out of the kindness of her heart and not because she had to. I would also like to personally thank Mrs. Perez for making my MCA experience amazing from the start, literally right from the start, even the summer before school started. Mrs. Perez was only my teacher for one year and it was an elective course but I felt that she was my teacher for every class and even my college counselor at some points. She has truly been a great help to my high school experience. I would also like to thank Ms. Henry’s for not only helping me sign out VERY often and opening the door in the morning (or noon for me). I would like to than her for always helping me start off my day in a great way with a smile and a “good morning” or “good afternoon”. Last but not least I would like o thank Ms. A. I don’t even know where to start here. I would like to thank you for always pushing me to my limits no matter what, being so understanding, helping me whenever I needed it, always having my best interest in mind, helping me see my potential and unleash it, and always being there for me. Thank you MCA!

My message to other students is to take advantage of what the teachers and staff at MCA have to offer. They are truly like family and are there to help you. Do not be shy to ask for help or opinions. MCA’s biggest advantages over other schools is the small class size, everyone is like family here, and everyone helps you with anything you need from college guidance to math homework to advice about life. Oh and one more thing… DO NOT FALL BEHIND ON YOUR WORK! DO NOT! I am speaking from experience.

I have been accepted at Fordham University, Florida International University, Suffolk University, Emerson College, Loyola Marymount University, American University, and Bentley University. My plan for the future is to spend the next four years studying at the Business School of Fordham in Rose Hill and start my own company in the process. I also plan on doing many internships and taking advantage of New York City and the opportunities it offers.

Earning my high school diploma this school year means a lot to me and places me at the beginning of a long road filled with hard work, achievements, and success.


Martin – Alumni

My high school experience was a long and arduous journey from the safe home of childhood to the exciting itinerary of young adulthood. I’ve made many of my long-term friends in this stage of life, and have reached places I never saw myself going. I chose MCA because it allowed me to focus on my interests within school and out.

I would like to tell students of the future to not get caught up in unimportant matters and to find their strength in what they are good at. I would also like to thank my parents, my teachers, my friends, and the MCA faculty for helping me and being patient with me through my time in school.

I got accepted to a number of colleges, though the one that has my attention is Catholic University of America. I hope to write and be a philosophy professor in the future. Earning my diploma will allow me to move on to greater things, and I am looking forward to it.

Fabricio – Alumni

My high school experience is a time that I am always going to remember, especially the friendships I have made along the way that will continue after I graduate. Through these years I have overcome challenges that I worked hard at since my first day of high school.

I chose MCA because it is a school where teachers care for you and help when you are struggling. MCA has helped me achieve my goals by helping me get to them and go at my own pace. I would like to thank Mr. F who helped me through my journey to graduation. If not for him I would have been lost in math. His methods of solving math are always going to be in my mind.

Earning my diploma means the start of my life. I feel proud of myself for attaining this accomplishment. I have made it and a little bit relieved. I have been accepted at Miami-Dade College. My plan for the future is going into business management.


Alexander – Alumni

My high school experience at MCA has been lots of fun and I’ve made many friendships along the way. MCA has also helped me become more independent with completing my work.

I was accepted at Santa Fe College in Gainesville, FL. I plan to study two years in Santa Fe College and then transfer to the University of Florida and finish my college career there. My plan is to study business or sports management. After college I will most likely enlist in the Marine Corps.

Sacha – 5th Grade

I came to MCA Academy because it has reasonable amounts of homework and when I visited the school I met many nice people. The things I like most about MCA are my amazing friends and teachers. What I like about my teachers is their humor and that they are down to earth. It feels like the teachers and students are one big family, causing there to be no bullying.


Matthew – 12th Grade

My high school experience has been an interesting one; there have been many ups and downs that have helped shape me into the person I am today. I have faced challenges that I have had to overcome in order to maintain my grades and make sure that I was on the right course for success. One of the most memorable experiences I have of high school is when I was in Mrs. Perez’s World History class and we had to do our first research paper. Spending a great deal of time researching and reading different articles on the topic I had chosen, I turned in a research paper that helped transform my love of history and set me on the course I am on today. Overall, my high school experience has been very memorable and I am glad I had the chance to have it here at MCA.

Now that this is my last year, which is still very strange for me to say, I would like to leave behind the message for future students to enjoy these years of your life and live them to the fullest because you will be graduating and going off to college before you know it. Do your best in school, make your parents and teachers happy, and live a good life. Furthermore, do not spend time worrying about what others think; focus on what makes you happy and stick with that, because at the end of the day that is all you need. Just be happy in life.

Thinking about my future is something that I have been doing a great deal of lately. My plan is to go to college, find out what it is that I really enjoy, and pursue that as my career. At some point I would like to move out of my parents’ house and go somewhere new and exciting. I may possibly travel the world and see what else lies out there. My goal is to have a career that I love and spend the rest of my life doing whatever that may be. In the future, I would like to have a nice cabin in the mountains with two or three dogs, just enjoying my life, living comfortably and being able to do what it is I love to do.

When I came to MCA I was a different person that was very unsure about not only himself, but also his future. Days and nights seemed to come together and it seemed as if I was a bit lost. Slowly but surely, MCA helped me break through the walls, which I had spent so long creating and using to isolate myself. Now that I am here and looking back on that time in my life, I realize that without MCA I would not be where I am today. I owe MCA so much and I will spend the rest of my life trying to repay everyone within its walls for what they have done for me. It is for this reason that graduating from MCA will be such a bittersweet moment in my life; I am moving on from something that has been my constant reality for so long and the next part of my life is such a big unknown. However, I know in my heart that I am ready to face it thanks to MCA Academy.

My situation at MCA is one that not many students would be able to relate to because my amazing, beautiful aunt is the principal and owner and my wise and lovely sister-in-law has been one of my teachers for the past five years. I would not be half the man I am today without these two constantly pushing me to be the best version of myself; they have constantly shown me that I am better than I give myself credit for. Also, individuals such as Mrs. Hahn, Mr. F, Ms. L, and Mrs. J have had huge impacts in my life because of the unique and individual teachings that they have shown me. I would like to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart for everything that you have taught me over the years. I will always be so grateful for everything that each and every one of you has done for me during my time here at MCA. I love you all from deepest part of my soul and know that you will always carry a special place in my heart.

Earning my diploma is a huge accomplishment for me because it is the end of a chapter that I thought was so far ahead in time, and now that it is here, it is so surreal. Not only does it mean the end of a chapter, but also the beginning of a new one with my whole life ahead of me; I look on and I am filled with excitement at all the new possibilities. Reaching this goal has been a long time coming and now that it is here it brings me great joy. I am extremely proud of myself for getting to where I am now and I know I would not have been able to do it on my own.

Gabriella– 7th Grade

I chose MCA Academy because I really like how MCA does things. For example, I like how it is a small setting and we have limited homework. MCA helped me to achieve my goals because I have been able to spend much more time at my dance studio doing what I love to do. My goal this year was to become a better dancer and MCA has really helped me achieve my goal.

My relationship with my teachers is the best; I love every one of them. They are very caring, fun and sweet loving people. In the past two years I have made great relationships. I have made relationships that I think will last a lifetime.


Fernando – 11th Grade

I chose MCA Academy because one of my close friends recommended it to me. When I came to take the entrance exam and spend the day, the atmosphere was great and I loved it. Since being here, MCA has helped me become better academically and allowed my soccer schedule more flexible so I have been able to become a better athlete. This also helped me receive attention from colleges early on.

My relationship with my teachers is great. They take a personal interest in trying to help me, which I find to be amazing. My relationship with the other students is like no other I have had at any other school. It is like we are one big family and everyone gets along.

If you are a new student, I totally recommend that you give MCA a chance. It is by far the best school experience I have had.

Valentina – 3rd Grade

I came to MCA because my brother was already here and he told me it was a good school. It is a very good school and it is very fun being here. Nobody bullies you and I have amazing friends. My teachers, Ms. J and Ms. S, are very nice and they don’t yell at anyone. I love MCA!


Anna-Sophia – 8th Grade

I chose MCA due to the small environment and more personal academic attention, which allows for personal one-on-one time with teachers and helps me to reach my maximum potential. MCA has helped me to achieve my goals by permitting me to have a personalized academic path, which has helped me go above and beyond the average expectations. My relationship with may teachers at MCA is a respectful and personal one. I am closer to them than I generally would be in a standard public school or school of a larger size. My relationship with other students is also a positive one which features out-of-school interactions as well.

The advice I would give other students is as follows. Being able to personally talk with your teachers is a tremendous opportunity – use it! You are able to ask as many questions as you want, and due to the small size, you have each teacher provide you with all the information you need to succeed! Just pay attention and utilize and take advantage of your privilege.

Diego – 5th Grade

I came to MCA because I was being bullied at my old school. What I like best about MCA is that there are no bullies and everyone is very nice. My teachers are also very friendly and take more time to explain things so that you can really understand it.


Mateo – 11th Grade

My family and I decided that in the college application process, the best school fit for me was a highly concentrated academic environment that would afford me the resources to thrive in high school. I have receive enough individual attention from the teachers to truly build upon my skills and grades. I feel confident now that it will allow me to be accepted into certain universities.

I have a strong relationship with my teachers who have been guiding me and helping me improve my work ethic and time management skills. I also feel my relationship with the students is a close one. My junior class along with the seniors are very tight and supportive of each other. They make my time here even more enjoyable.

If you have a strong passion for an extracurricular activity, MCA will aid and help manage your work with your schedule, allowing you to immerse yourself with your academics during school and your passion outside of school.

Gregoire – 1st Grade

I came to MCA because it is the best and it has the nicest teachers. You will love MCA!


Alexandra – 8th Grade

When I moved to Miami, we chose MCA Academy because of the small, friendly environment, which is what I had been accustomed to in the past. MCA has helped me achieve my goals because of how nurturing and attentive the teachers are. I can see that all the adults really care about the students, and help give the extra push when it comes to achieving goals. I have a great relationship with my teachers. They all genuinely care about our work, opinions, and what we have to say. I also have a good relationship with other students. In our class, almost everyone talks outside of school daily. Even people from other grades are always friendly and everyone gets along quite well. MCA has a great environment that really helps any student grow academically and as a person.

Luis – 5th Grade

I love everything about MCA Academy because it is a great and very cool school! The teachers always put their heart in it and really like their job. The students are my friends and I love spending time playing with them at recess and outside of school. To new students I would say that they will feel comfortable because this is like a second home.


Sara – 9th Grade

I chose MCA because I was in need of an educational environment that was academically challenging yet nurturing and accommodating of my emotional needs. MCA’s shorter school day and limited homework are also appealing given my busy extra curricular schedule. The smaller class sizes allow me to socialize and interact with my peers in a manner that is not overwhelming. MCA has helped me increase my confidence and self-esteem beyond what I thought possible. I have also learned how to manage my time effectively without sacrificing the quality of my work. Most importantly, MCA has helped me to improve my verbal communication skills and assert myself when necessary.

The relationships with my teachers at MCA are unlike those of my previous schools; never have teachers been so understanding and treated me with such respect. For the first time in my academic career, my relationship with the teacher and administrators are based on reciprocity and mutual personal betterment. I could not ask for anything more in a teacher. The relationship with the other students at MCA are just as respectful as my relationship with my teachers. Unlike years past, I am not shunned, ostracized, or treated differently by my peers; I confide in them and trust them wholeheartedly.

I would advise students who are considering MCA to be themselves and to have faith in MCA’s approach to learning. Although I was initially unsure if MCA would be a good fit for me, I quickly grew to love the school. Now, I consider MCA an extension of my family. I can honestly say that in the years I have spent at MCA, I have never been happier. Since I first arrived at MCA I have never dreaded going to school. Now, I look forward to going to school in the mornings, something I could have never imagined at any of my prior schools. In the years before attending MCA, I felt as thought I was barely getting by. Now, for the first time in all my 15 years of life I am not merely surviving, I am thriving.

Daniela – Alumni

I am an MCA alumni having graduated from the high school in 2012 and I have nothing else to say but good things. It is truly a special place. I actually have a lot to thank MCA for. It really did appear at a crucial moment in my life where I was a little lost with no idea where to go or what path to take. It provided me with an environment where I could be myself and where I was at peace and it was this newfound peace that I found at MCA with the support from Ms. Acosta and all the other teachers as well, Mr. F, Ms. Jonasson, and Ms. Perez, that nurtured me so that I could then dedicate all my energy to finding out my own path which I eventually did! Therefore, I strongly recommend recommend MCA.


Lauren – 6th Grade

I chose MCA because I was a homeschooling student re-entering regular schooling, and we thought MCA would be great. Also, I travel a lot and MCA allows me to take work with me so I don’t fall behind.

MCA has helped me achieve my goals by always having supporting friends and teachers around me. MCA has also allowed me to build strong friendships. Lastly, MCA is the only school I have ever attended that I have had straight A’s in because all my teachers are very encouraging, supportive and responsible. I have a lot of respect for them.

I have a very strong bond with all my friends at MCA. All the students here are very nice. I found it easy to make friends. I have friends in many grades, not just mine.

MCA is a very nice school that I very much enjoy and that other people should try out.

Lukas – 3rd Grade

There were bullies at my old school so it wasn’t fair there and I changed to MCA. This school doesn’t have any bullies. It has nice friends and kind teachers, and we have two recesses.  I am thankful that MCA is a great school and for how peaceful it is.


Guy – 6th Grade

I chose MCA because the classes are smaller so it is easier to concentrate.  MCA has helped me get better grades in school and focus more without being distracted.

Luciano – 8th Grade

I wasn’t really learning much in my other school so my parents decided to put me at MCA.  MCA has helped me achieve my goals of learning new things every single day and every single year.

My teachers are like close friends to me because everything you tell them they understand and you can trust them.  My relationship with the other students at MCA is amazing because I get along so well with them.

MCA is not like other schools.  I feel like MCA is my second family because every single day and year I feel welcomed to the school.


Valeria – 3rd Grade

There were a lot of people in my old school and the teachers were not very good.  I like everything about the teachers at MCA. I also like that there’s no homework sometimes, and school is fun.

I would tell new students that this is the best school ever and they will have lots of fun here.

Ellie – 5th Grade

My mom wanted a small school that could focus on academics and where teachers can focus on a small amount of students.  This school also looked very beautiful  and very unique.  MCA looked like a really nice place for me to learn.

I like how every classroom is small so, if you have trouble with something, a teacher would be there to help you!  I also like how everyone knows each other and the high-schoolers often play with the smaller elementary kids.  MCA feels like one big family because of how close everyone here is to one another and how small the classrooms are.

The teachers can make jokes in the middle of class and have fun, but we still get to finish our work because they are awesome.  When we were doing a long test Ms. J got us donuts and sweets!  Ms. S does really cool science experiments, and we also play games in Social Studies to learn more about the subject.

To someone thinking about coming here I would tell them how incredible MCA is and how kind everyone is here.  It’s a lot of fun to be here and I wish I could stay for the rest of my life.  MCA has really fun and great activities that we all do as a group.  I love that, every year, our school takes part in the Act4Me fundraiser and we always raise more than our goal.  The money helps children with disabilities go to therapy.  I think that’s really amazing and kind.


Jack – 8th Grade

MCA fit my style of learning.  Instead of me adjusting to a certain style of learning, the learning itself adjusted to me.  Learning is individualized here.

I am very happy that MCA is my school.  It has changed my life in great ways.

David – 10th Grade

I chose MCA because when  I saw how energetic the school was I wanted to join it.  MCA helped me achieve my goals by showing me the right path.  MCA brings in guest speakers to talk to us and give us advice, and it has been a great experience.

The relationships with my teachers are like a relationship with your parents; you ask them for advice, they’re very friendly, and you know they will always be there for you.  The relationship with other MCA students is like brothers and sisters.

MCA, stay the same, never change, and keep on being loving and caring!


Calista – 5th Grade

I came to MCA because at my old school, we had lots of homework and lots of students.  Since I have three hours of gymnastics almost every day, I didn’t have that much time to finish everything.  School work at my old school was also hard for me because my teachers could not answer everyone’s questions since there were too many students.

I like how MCA is a small, loving family. The classrooms are small but cozy, and the teachers are nice and friendly.  No one is ever left alone in MCA because everyone has a kind, caring friend.

The teachers in MCA are all nice and friendly.  They teach their students what’s right from what’s wrong, and are always there to save the day.  The teachers all work very hard to make the students in MCA rockstars, and we all appreciate what they do.

I get to hang out with my friends during recess and sit next to them during lunch.  Outside of school I will text and call them to keep in touch and also get together with them.

I think MCA is the best place for me, especially with all the wonderful teachers and friends.  Everyone is kind and loving to each other.  I love all my thoughtful friends because they always bring a smile to my face.

Anna – 8th Grade

I liked the environment at MCA, and everyone made it a fun and positive atmosphere.  It has helped me become more of an individual person and become associated with a variety of different people.  With a one-on-one experience, the relationship students have with their teachers is a safe and comfortable one.

Because of the small classrooms and mixed activities, I have been able to become friends with a mix of different and unique people.  I would advise any new students to come  in and be themselves, since everyone here is open-minded.

I want to thank MCA for creating an environment that allowed me to be myself and find out more about myself that I didn’t know before.


Sophie – 8th Grade

I chose MCA because, given the small learning environment, teachers could help one on one.  I have seen that I work best in smaller environments.  When I arrived at MCA I was a shy girl who came from a school that did not benefit me in the certain way I learned.  I was packed with homework every night.  With the amount of help MCA has given me in only a few months of attending this school I have advanced in so many subjects.  Also, I have still been able to attend after school activities. This school has helped me in so many ways and I am so grateful for that.

Luiza – 11th Grade

I came to MCA because my old school had way too much homework, horrific bathrooms, and lots of curse words.  The things I like best about MCA are the teachers, friends, fun, and the nice small classrooms.  The teachers are kind, caring, amazing, and awesome. I spend time playing games and talking with my friends during recess time.To someone who is thinking of coming here I would say that MCA is an amazing school where the teachers are the best and you would have great friends. I love MCA a lot.


Theseus – 7th Grade

MCA has given me the option to do things I never could have done at other schools, for example sailing.  Being here has opened up many horizons and expanded my mind to the point where I can create, explore, and change at my own pace.  I firmly believe that my relationship with all of my teachers is like a growing friendship that started at the beginning of the year.  By the end of the year I think I’ll feel like over the school year I met new friends, not new teachers.

I feel since coming to this school I’ve met some good friends who I hope to continually know throughout the years I’m here at MCA.  I also think my relationship with won’t change from the point they are at now, and if it does, maybe it will be to become better friends than we are right now.

Samantha – 9th Grade

I have chosen MCA because it contains a safe environment and the teachers care about the students and their work.  MCA has helped me make new friends, and it also helped me be less shy. 

My grades also improved ever since I came to this school. MCA is a very special school that is not like any other school.  It contains awesome teachers and students.  Being in this school is special and magical.


Eva – 3rd Grade

I came to MCA because my brother was here.  I also was getting bullied at my old school. What I like best about MCA is that it has nice teachers that are kind and generous and funny.   I also like the Student Council’s fun activities and the amazing subjects.  Another thing I like is that all the students here are friends.  Those are only a few of the reasons I like MCA but there are many more.

To a new student who is thinking of coming to MCA I would say that MCA is a bright place where fun, funny teachers, games, school activities, and all different personalities come into one school.  MCA is a fantastic school where everyone is friends.

Alexander – 9th Grade

MCA helped me achieve my goals because the way the teachers teach is personalized, and the small classroom environment has also helped. If you are thinking about coming to MCA you should know that you will make lots of friends and you will also have a great time learning!  Once you go to MCA you never feel like leaving.


Martin – 9th Grade

I chose MCA because of its focus on essential and central part of education, and it was small enough that one can focus on both work and the social aspects of the school.  My relationship with my teachers is good, and we get along well enough that we are honest with each other and can be helpful to each other.  My relationship with the other students is a good one.  The students here have quickly become my friends.

Marlene – 7th Grade

I chose MCA because I liked Ms. J and her daughter (who is a student here.) MCA helped me use my skills in my assignments as well as learning subjects I want to learn about. I feel close to my teachers and feel like I can talk with them about more personal matters. MCA is a really great school, and the teachers and students are mostly kind.


Jacob – 8th Grade

I chose MCA because I decided that I needed to be in a safe environment to learn.  MCA has helped me learn how good I am at math and helped me get into an honors class.  It has also made me enjoy school and to be excited to go to school.At MCA you make tons of friends, and you learn to enjoy school.  I have a great relationship with all of my teachers and also made long lasting friendships with my peers. This school has done wonderful things for my education and I wouldn’t have reached my full potential at any other school.

Mehdi – 11th Grade

I was looking for a school that would help me improve my grades.  MCA has given me the opportunity to do so by helping me focus and stay on top of my work.My relationship with my teachers is positive, and they are all very friendly.  I also have a good relationship with the other MCA students.  Everyone gets along and there are no problems. My advice for other students is to stay on top of your work so you can turn in quality assignments. Overall, MCA is a very good school and has helped me better myself.


Mathilde – 5th Grade

Before I came to MCA I wasn’t learning.  It wasn’t fun to learn at my old school, and it felt like it was only I who did not under-stand, but it wasn’t.  With my friends I always felt like the weird tagalong.  Now I have better friends and I’m not getting bad grades, and it is more fun to learn.

The teachers at MCA are caring.  When a student is feeling unrecognized or sad and left out, they always fix it.  I feel lucky to have teachers who make class fun. My friends and I have fun all the time.  We discuss problems like a debate and are always doing silly things at recess or at lunch or in the classroom when we have a little time.  We have a student council that makes up fun activities,and we have nice teachers.

Now that I’m going into 6th grade I wont spend as much time with my elementary school friends.  I will still see them and play with them at recess, but I will also make new friends. I will absolutely need them to help me use a computer and make me laugh when I’m feeling down.  I wasn’t able to do that at my other school.

Chase – 7th Grade

I chose MCA because it allows me to do more things outside of school becausethere is very little homework.  MCA has helped me work on my math and language arts.  I have improved my writing ability, and I am now a year ahead in math.I feel as if I have a really good relationship with my teachers.  I can tell that the teach-ers care a lot about the students, and to me they are like a second set of parents.At MCA everybody is nice to each other.  Even if you don’t know someone, they are still nice to you.  At MCA everybody is like a big family.


Fabrico – 9th Grade

The relationship that I have with the teachers is like a family.  They really care about us, and they will do anything to make you understand the lesson better and help you as long as you need it.  The students of MCA are also like family.  When some-one is feeling down, there is always someone that comes and tries to cheer him or her up.

MCA is just an amazing school! The teachers are amazing, the students are amazing, and our principal goes out of her way to make MCA how it is today!

Myles – 5th Grade

I came to MCA because my old school had way too much homework, horrific bathrooms, and lots of curse words.  The things I like best about MCA are the teachers, friends, fun, and the nice small classrooms.  The teachers are kind, caring, amazing, and awesome.  I spend time playing games and talking with my friends during recess time.

To someone who is thinking of coming here I would say that MCA is an amazing school where the teachers are the best and you would have great friends. I love MCA a lot.


Olivia – 3rd Grade

I came to MCA because it sounded like a magnificent school.  I like all the welcoming people and teachers.  I also like the education.  The teachers are supportive and caring to their students and other teachers.  I get to talk to my friends and also play games with them at recess.  You should come to MCA because the education is amazing, and the teachers are magnificent and so is the principal. MCA has taught me so many things, and it is just an amazing school and has the best people ever.

Matias – 12th Grade

My high school experience at MCA was an experience like none other. The close bonds and small classrooms at MCA haven’t been anything but helpful and beneficial to my academics. The friendships that I have made at MCA were more of creating a family than making friends. With every family comes a perfect chaos of good and bad times, argument and friendship. MCA is such a tight knit group of people that when one event occurs in the school everyone will be sure to go out of their way to help each other.

The message that I would leave to other students would be to make sure not to fall behind on their work and also to cherish the relationships that you will be able to make here at MCA that you will never be able to find anywhere else.

My overall dream goal in life would be to be as influential in the things that I love as I can be. I have many passions and interests some being athletics and some being studies and hobbies. I love sports such as wakeboarding and skateboarding. I also have high interests in subjects such as engineering and vast topics of sciences. My dream would be to live somewhere in an exotic country working and making money while traveling, all as I film the travels and events that I live in.

I chose MCA because of the small class sizes and flexibility that the school offers. My parents are the ones who found this school. As they told me about the school I became interested and decided to take a shot at getting accepted into MCA. In what seems as a short series of events, I find myself writing my senior page for the yearbook just 2 months away from graduating from MCA. MCA was very helpful in letting me reach my goal. MCA helped me throughout my remaining high school years to graduate and get accepted into a good college.

I would mainly like to say thank you to the teachers at MCA for being able to deal and work with me as a student and also as a person. Every teacher at MCA has personally helped me and made sure that they were able to really get the best quality work out of me.

Earning my diploma means a lot to me; it shows me what I am capable of achievement. I believe the diploma that I am receiving is not an ending to anything; I would like to think of it as a start, hopefully to many more achievements throughout my life.


Caitlin – 7th Grade

In our school the students are all very close. When you are in a class of 10 or 11 it is hard not to become friends.  Everyone in the classes are friends and so we can all be ourselves.

I find that my teachers and I have a very strong connection; unlike the connections you have in other schools. I feel that I can be more open with my teachers.  An example is when I need help, I am not shy to ask because I know my teachers well.

For students who are thinking of coming here, well, you should come — this is the best school I have ever been to!

Nory – 9th Grade

The problem for me (before coming to MCA) was that I didn’t have any goals, and my life really needed meticulous guidance.  MCA provided me with a platform to excel and become an amazing student. In school, teachers are meant to be respected; however, at MCA, teachers are also expected to respect the students.  Oftentimes, teachers are close friends and wise counselors.

There are absolutely no limits as to who you’re friends with within MCA.  The small yet individually inspiring environment allows for all age groups to be strong friends, from High School to Elementary. MCA is a school for everyone, whether you’re a Harvard-bound senior, or a young Elementary student who hates homework, you’ll always be welcomed to the family with a huge hug!


Kathinka – 5th Grade

I came to MCA because the school that I went to before had mean people and wasn’t very clean. This is the best school ever!  What I like best about MCA is that everybody is nice, I feel like I’m learning a lot, and everything is clean including the bathrooms. 

What I like about my teachers is that they are courageous, like Ms. J because she has to take care of any problems in the elementary and she is funny. They are sweet and very interesting, like when Ms. S teaches us about American History.  She makes me want to know more about it!

… I would say to a student who is thinking about coming to MCA is that we are all one big family and we will be your friends.  Even though we are so small, MCA is a big part of my life and heart! From the friends and teachers to the clean toilets, I love this school!

Nia – 9th Grade

I came to MCA because I was having a terrible time at my old school.  My sister was already enrolled at MCA and loved it.  I thought that it wouldn’t hurt to test it out and I ended up loving it. MCA has helped me achieve my goals by helping me focus better with smaller classrooms.  The teachers here at MCA are so nice and supportive.  Even if you’re not doing so well they are always there to put you back on your feet.  I love all of the teachers so much.

Fitting in at MCA is so easy because everyone is different and unique. Everyone here gets along well with each other and that makes it a happy place to be.  Even though the school is small you do grow great friendships, maybe closer than you can get with anyone at any other school.MCA is definitely the best school I’ve been to out of the 5 schools I have attended.


Isabella – 3rd Grade

I like the friendship, kindness and loving hearts of MCA.  I never feel lonely because of that.  I have learned to keep my handwriting neat and I learn a lot in class everyday.

I like that the teachers encourage us to learn and be confident.  I love that they care about you, and that to me is very special. I think MCA is a wonderful school for students who want to learn.

Filippo – 8th Grade

Since I was very new to this country, I could not find myself in a bigger school with a bigger environment, so that is why I liked MCA since the beginning.  When I arrived in the U.S. my biggest goal was to learn English and at the same time make many friends.  MCA helped me achieve these goals,and I am very happy now.

I really love my teachers here at MCA, and I am definitely going to miss them.  I am also happy that I could create some really good relationships with the other students here.

My message to other new students coming to MCA is for them to enjoy as much as they can, because MCA is an extraordinary school that has a beautiful family.  It is indeed an incredible place that I will never forget in my entire life.  I am going to miss it a lot.  I hope the best for each and every student and teacher.


Sidny – 7th Grade

I chose to go to MCA because my parents and I thought that my old school was not challenging enough, and they thought I needed to be pushed more.  Also, I have many hobbies, and having little to no homework and being let out of school earlier than most schools, allows me to focus on my activities.  I now have more free time to get better at my art and piano.

All of the teachers and students in MCA are very close.  The small classes allow the students to have a close relationship with their teachers.  At the end of class in English, before lunch, we share something positive with our classmates.  We joke around with each other and have fun, but we get our work done.  The teachers are all very kind and caring.  Everyone gets along and knows each other in such a small school like MCA.

Madison – 8th Grade

We chose MCA because of the welcoming and friendly environment it provided for me.  For the first time in my life I am receiving all A’s and B’s because of the proper teaching ethic. The relationship with my teachers is very personal and one on one; it has given me the ability to improve in my weakest areas.  My relationship with the other MCA students is very good; we spend a lot of time out of school together. We are all very close. My message to new students:  Always remember to be yourself. We won’t judge you.


Michael – 12th Grade

My high school experience was quite the ride, a mx of so many emotions and life experiences that have formed me into he person I am today. I made memories and friends that I might not remember my whole life but they definitely will affect the person I will become.

The most important message I want to leave behind for other students is to remember that it does not matter what negative things people say about you; use it to your advantage, use it as constructive criticism and become more than what people expect from you. Impress the people that matter and forget about what other people say. I also want to leave them with this quote from Mark Twain, “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did.”In the future, I want to make a name for myself in the world. I want a happy and successful life; a life where I do not have to worry about money and I can care for my family and friends instead.

MCA Academy helped me achieve my goals by helping me become a more mature person and become a leader. I want to thank the entire MCA Family. Everyone at MCA helped me one way or another and I am very grateful for that. All the teachers and classmates somehow built the patience to deal with me and give me a chance to show who I am, which taught me to be patient with everyone I meet in return.

Earning my diploma means a lot to me. It means that I am moving on in life and getting one step higher. Compared to a lot of people, I feel lucky to be able to graduate and move on to university. I am being given the chance to have a strong start into life and that is some-thing I will not take for granted.

Conor – 6th Grade

I chose MCA because in my previous school I struggled academi-cally, and sought to find a new school.  My goals were to gain more knowledge and to learn while getting good grades.  MCA has provided all of these, and it’s my favorite school ever!  The online curriculum we use, Keystone, is very user friendly and I love it.

All of my teachers are really friendly, and they interact with the students often. My math teacher even offers sailing lessons after school. Most of the other students here at MCA are nice, friendly, and very welcoming.  In fact, when I was here for the placement test it felt like I was already a part of the family.  At MCA, I think you should just be yourself and let your creativity shine!


Anthony – 3rd Grade

I came to MCA because it is a lovely school.  The best thing about MCA is having the most wonderful teachers.  What I like about my teachers is that they are beautiful.

MCA is the best school in the world and no school can beat that.

Victoria – 6th Grade

The reason why I chose MCA is because everyone is so nice and welcoming! I loved the hospitality from the students, teachers, and staff members.  Also there’s no bullying and the curriculum is good because you learn very important things!  MCA has helped me so much with reaching my academic goals.

My relationship with my teachers if very good!  In this school my teachers are my friends.  All of the students are so nice and I love that.  This school is the best and there is no better school!  It lets you learn and live your life without stress!


Gabrielle – 12th Grade

I would define my four high school years as being amazing memories but also very challenging. I met amazing people from everywhere I went, I made amazing accomplishments, and I also stumbled across people who ended up being my best friends and I am very thankful for that. Even though it was very challenging with my education, I was able to overcome that by seeing the positive outcome of things instead of thinking back to the negatives! In the end, everything got better.

If I could leave a message behind to other students I would tell them that I hope their time in high school is amazing and that they are happy doing what they love when they grow up. I also would recommend they start preparing for college when starting high school, by keeping your grades up, doing activities and helping your community, practicing your test taking skills, and venturing out by taking part in different sports. By the time you get to senior year, it will be too much to do all of that in one year, so I recommend you start earlier.

My plan for the future is to go to my dream school, Marist College, and take many classes to see what I would like to do as my major. Once I find what I want to do, I will study and graduate with a strong GPA. After that I just want to be with my family and do what I love. Finally, I would love to travel the world in order to gain many wonderful experi-ences and make many memories.

The reason I chose MCA is because it is the only school where the teachers and everyone who works there truly care for you and want you to succeed. That is something I needed because throughout the previous schools I attended during high school, all the teachers cared about was that you had an “A” on your paper but they did not care if you actually learned or were even a happy individual.  At MCA, it is different.  MCA is my family and they will always care for me and push me to be the best I can be with my abilities. MCA helped me achieve my goals such as getting good grades, being able to have more opportunities that other schools would not have provided, meeting amazing people, and being happy.

If I could thank someone who has helped me throughout my journey to graduation it is definitely the teachers and Ms. Acosta at MCA. They have helped me throughout everything, cared for me, and motivated me to be the best that I can be. I would also thank my family for always being there for me and caring for me even though they have been far.

Earning my diploma is such a big accomplishment because these years have been so difficult and stressful. It feels amazing to just be so close to my goal of graduating. Graduating is such a big goal of mine because without it, I cannot study my passion so I am very excited! It is also sad because I am ending a chapter but I am starting a new one and that makes me very excited.

Nick – 12th Grade

Fortunately, my high school experience at MCA will always be one to remember, especially because of the wonderful people that I surrounded myself with everyday. Along the way, I have developed friendships with many of my peers, which I value deeply in my life. In addition, I have created a lot of fond memories with people who I will never forget about, specifically those who have created a positive influence on my life. Even though at times, mediating between maintaining quality work and having a social life is stress-ful, I have learned to overcome such challenges and move forward. Overall, these types of experiences have helped makemy time at MCA unforgettable.

For other students who are looking to spend their whole time in high school at MCA, I encourage them to focus more on their work during school hours an then socialize with their friends after school.

First, this will help demonstrate to the teachers that you have a great work ethic and that you are determined to get the good grades that you deserve. Second, it will influence your peers to work harder, which will then create a wonderful learning environment for everyone in the classroom.

Another message I would like to leave for other students is that yo do not have to be friends with every single person in the school; however, you MUST be civil with them and show them respect, even if you think they are completely ridiculous.

So many ideas and interests come to mind when I think about my future. However, for right now I am focused on going to a school that teaches you the different aspects of the hospitality industry. Specifically learning about hotels is something that currently interests me, but I also want to figure out a way where I can incorporate real estate, hotel development, design, as well as hospitality into my career. Hopefully, my options will be endless!

I chose MCA, specifically to learn in a quiet environment, with very few other students so I could focus as much as possible. I find it difficult for me to learn in a busy environment because it hinders the process of completing my work on time. In addition, MCA allows me the free time to focus on my passions outside of school while I am given the privilege to work on my classes during school hours, with very minimal homework.

Personally, I would like to thank all of my amazing teachers who have helped me along the way throughout my high school experi-ence. Your desire to help me reach my full potential has created such a positive impact on my life that I could only gain from and never lose. You’re involvement in helping every single student individually has inspired me deeply, which is why I would like to give recognition to each of you.

Lastly, I would also like to thank my principal, Ms. Acosta for showing tremendous passion in helping make the school even better the next year round. I thank you all for your dedication and hard work, as it is deeply appreciated by me.

Earning my diploma means that I can finally start a new and exciting chapter in my life, where it allows me to open the doors of many opportunities for my future. Earning my diploma also signifies that I was able to accomplish four arduous years of intense learning that have helped me develop as a person. Overall, I am very thrilled for attaining such an incredible accomplishment and I only hope that the best is yet to come.


Francesca – 7th Grade

I chose MCA because I like the stunts here and there are a limited amount of students in each class so everyone gets a chance to learn. MCA’s teachers are very kind and push me to be better. My teachers are extremely kind, generous, and honest. All of my teachers are happy to teach and be a part of the MCA Family. I love MCA teachers, students, and assistants. I hope you come to MCA next year.

Nathalia – 12th Grade

I chose MCA because, when I came to visit the school, the students and the teachers were so nice to me. I felt a part of it already and this was very important to me because I was just moving from Brazil and I wanted to make new friends. Aside from the nice and kind students and teachers, the academic courses MCA offers are amazing. The teachers help you go through the year without struggles and they maintain a good relationship with the students. This motivates me the most to achieve my goals because I know I have their support all of the time. Unlike all the other schools I have been to, here at MCA, my relationship with my teachers is really similar to the ones I have with my friends. Of course, I treat them with the respect a teacher deserves, but that idea of a teacher being mean and a person who is always mad is gone here.

Since MCA is a small school, my relationship with other students is much better than the ones I had in my previous schools. Here we are like a family. MCA is for those who are looking for another family besides the one you already have at home, and for those who have “talents beyond school.”


Raeua – 5th Grade

I came to MCA because my dad’s friends said that MCA would help my education when I grow up, and that it would help me with some subjects that I need help with.

What I like about MCA are the teachers. They explain the lessons very clearly. You never have to worry if you don’t understand a lesson because the teachers will take the time to explain what you don’t understand. My teachers always make me laugh. They are very generous and kind.

I also love all the students. They are super nice and caring. The way I spend my free time during the break at MCA is by talking with my friends or reading a book I enjoy. What I would say to a student who’s thinking of coming to MCA is they should come because the school is really fun, all the kids and teachers are really nice. You’ll make friends right away.

Valeria – 8th Grade

I chose MCA for the positive environment that envelops each student. The small population of students helps you learn individually about your own struggles so I am able to focus on building myself rather than going through the dramatic middle school years that are common at other larger schools. Coming to MCA I had no true goals but I notice that I have grown to become independent and learn more about who I am. I have become a leader when I used to be a follower.

The teachers and students at MCA are AMAZING! I find every teacher passionate and absolutely outstanding. They connect to us and provide a nurturing yet  strong appearance. The students gather together at recess, lunch, school-wide meetings, and at monthly Student Council activities. I find myself interacting with kids in 1st through 12th grade; which is such a blessing. Everyone is kind and supportive; it’s not a school filled with strangers, it’s a family.

My advice for someone coming to MCA is to keep an open mind. There are so many wonderful traits and qualities that you acquire that are not experienced in other schools. Follow the rules and you will have fun. MCA is super fun! There is recess and high school students can go off-campus for recess and lunch.

I also want to say that our principal, Ms. Acosta, is the best and probably most memorable principal I will  have. She is devoted, generous, and an outstanding lady. I appreciate Ms. A sooo much; she has an endless love for everyone and her presence brings a positive aura to every situation. I love MCA!


Dylan – 12th Grade

I chose MCA because of the smaller class sizes, more one-on-one with teachers, and the family aspect MCA brings to its students. MCA played a massive role in helping get into college. Thanks to their help with the college application process and teachers like Ms. Perez, I was accepted into the college that was my top choice. I feel the teachers at MCA strive for more than just academic relationships with their students. MCA teacher are more than just teachers, they are friends helping you succeed in whatever way they can. MCA students are different that other students. We are family and not just familiar. We learn and grow together. My advice to other students coming to MCA is do not take the amount of help offered at MCA for granted. MCA is what you make of it. Keep your head held high and your heart open. Be a contributing member of the MCA Family.

Joia – 4th Grade

I came to MCA because my other school had mean teachers and lots of homework. Some kids were bullies to my friends and to me. I didn’t like that. The best thing about MCA is that the teachers are really nice and you do not have to wear a uniform so you can have your own style. I like the teachers because they are nice and fair. They are funny and do experiments. Sometimes, if you are lucky, they will give you a free hug. Who am I kidding; they do that all the time! I also like the students at MCA. I like to spend time with them at recess and lunch. I also like going with them to the local library every Wednesday and to the park every other Friday. MCA is the best school I’ve ever been to in my life!


Mathilde – 4th Grade

I came to MCA because I was having a hard time at my other school. What I like best about MCA is that everybody understands each other and when someone is feeling bad the children and teachers are always there to help. I like that how the teachers understand each student and make work very fun and exciting. They also know that each student is very smart in their on way.

How I spend time with my friends at MCA is usually by playing with them and hearing what’s new, but if something is wrong I like to talk to them until they come out of it. You can wear what you like and there are sometimes fun activities that the Student Council puts together for us. We give donations to children that have problems to make them well!!!

Camila – 6th Grade

I chose MCA for various reasons. The reason that really impacted my life is how open and caring the teachers and students are. Right when I walked in I knew MCA was a nice heartwarming school.
My goal as a kid was to get good grades, understand the lessons, and improve my writing. Here at MCA, I was able to understand everything the teachers taught me and get good grades. I was so happy to hear a lot of amazing things and comments about my writing too!

My teachers are like my best friends! I feel comfortable talking about anything I don’t understand. My teachers always make me happy just to see them when I rise and shine in the morning. I am so happy and grateful for my amazing teachers who spend all day just working their hardest to teach children. They are my heroes! I have a very chose relationship with my classmates also. They are like my family.

Some advice or message for other students is don’t be afraid to be who you are. MCA is a school where people can have the freedom to be whoever you want to be. Something else about MCA is
that they will allow you to play fun games outside, so please consider us and enjoy your day!


Stephanie – 9th Grade

I chose MCA because it was close to home and was a very small school. I liked the fact that I received a lot of attention from the teachers and I could easily practice music after school and also have time for sailing.

MCA has allowed me to grow and mature as an individual. This has helped me in all aspects of life so far. Attending MCA has allowed me to dedicate more time to sailing and in doing so I have improved immensely.

I have a very strong relationship with all of my teachers. I feel safe and trust all of them. This allows me to confide my feelings and secrets to them.  MCA has become my family over the years. I can barely imagine my life without my friends who also attend MCA.

MCA is a school that can help people achieve their goals
or dreams. This school has helped me thrive and learn about the importance of leadership. The people of MCA have good hearts, so you should never try and take advantage of that. MCA is an amazing school that has become my second home. It has a welcoming
environment that anyone can adapt to easily.