students love MCA Academy, best school in miami

The Elementary Program at MCA Academy captures the innocence of childhood with the innovative and challenging Oak Meadow curriculum.  The individualized learning environment offers an opportunity to not only excel academically, but also to develop social skills as mindful and caring individuals.

A student-centered curriculum, Oak Meadow offers a meaningful education that builds attentive and ethical lifelong learners. Lessons are rich in experiential learning which challenge, motivate, and inspire students to take ownership of their education. Cultivating wonder, inspiring purposeful, innovative action are key components of Oak Meadow’s philosophy.

Founded in 1975, Oak Meadow is an accredited homeschooling curriculum used worldwide.

First Grade:  Students build solid reading and math skills through engaging lessons while encouraging an active, inquisitive mind.

Second Grade: Expanding on their natural intelligence, students grow confidence as readers and writers, gaining skills with the four operations in math.

Third Grade: Challenging and practical lessons engage students with classical literature and encourage new skills through observations, imagination, and creativity.

Fourth Grade: Student’s independence is nourished through poetry, short story writing, and classic children’s literature. Critical thinking skills and research skills develop via classroom projects and investigative activities.

Fifth Grade: Increased emphasis on writing and scientific inquiry promotes creative problem solving, analyzing, and synthesizing. Biographies based on early American history awaken student’s intellect and introspection.


MCA Academy provides mastery in skills that provide a strong foundation for high school studies.

MCA Academy provides its students with the academic tools, social skills, and strong character traits necessary to succeed in life.