Parent Testimonials

We have lived in six countries, been in more than 10 schools and we have never found teachers more compassionate, hard working, oriented to help the students to learn who they are, where they want to go and lovingly encourage them to go beyond their limits, than in MCA.

I want to express my gratitude to Ingrid and all her teachers for the huge role they have played in our lives.

For me as a mom, the school has been an immense support. Ingrid has been an angel in my life. I’ve felt understood and her guidance has been invaluable. During our five years here, we have worked together as a team. Nothing had stopped her. She is always thinking about what else to do to help the kids. Her wisdom, integrity, love and knowledge has helped both my son and myself!

The program here is so much more interesting for the kids and there is more freedom in finding a pace and style that truly works for their unique needs. There is no limit to their creativity and eagerness to learn!

I just wished all the kids in Miami had the privilege to find MCA as we did! 

– Maria Cristina Massa

As we come to the end of Chase’s journey at MCA, I wanted to take this opportunity to memorialize our thoughts and express our appreciation to you and the entire MCA staff.

Chase started his academic life at MCA as a 12-year-old 7th grade transplant from Atlanta, Georgia. Upon moving here, our priority was to find the right academic fit for Chase and throughout the past 6 years MCA has proven to be just that!

Over the years, Chase has continued to thrive under your guidance and he has established relationships with his teachers that have proven to be vital to his academic success and equally important, his personal development. Wendy & I have no doubt whether or not Chase is prepared for college, we know he’s ready and capable of achieving the goals he chooses to set.

So, we begin to turn the page as Chase starts his next chapter of academic life at Auburn University, I hope everyone feels our sense of pride and appreciation. Chase’s success has been a combined effort of his hard work and supporting MCA staff that has been there to cultivate our child’s greatest potential. Wendy and I will always have a debt of gratitude and love for MCA, Thank You!

– Jon & Wendy

We were desperate. My son was suffering from severe school anxiety. We tried therapy and many other ways to improve our son’s health. One day, without many options left, I browsed online and came across MCA Academy. I called and was greeted and welcomed immediately. Long story short: the administration, teachers, and staff SAVED my son’s life. Their caring, engaging, yet, extremely thorough learning methods, made my boy thrive in ways I never imagined. This was three years ago and I cannot be more thankful to MCA. Please do not hesitate. This school is the BEST school in Miami. I am an educator and can vouch for that. Today my young man is confident, happy, independent, and a well rounded, caring individual. Thank you MCA , each and everyone of you played an instrumental part in our son’s success. I will scream through the rooftops to everyone and anyone who needs a safe and nurturing environment for their child..

– Julie

My children, a boy and a girl, were enrolled in the school during the past 3 months and it was the best experience ever. They were so happy from the first day of school and they learned many things in a very short time. They did not want to have any days off since they were so happy going to school.

I will recommend MCA as the best school in the Miami area since they have a great mix of making the children feel comfortable from the beginning, and also teaching the most important things they have to learn.

– Silvia

We can’t THANK YOU enough for all the processes and procedures you and your team implemented so quickly at MCA. You allowed for both your staff and students to continue their work, and although virtually, all engaged and with a sense of safety, from the privacy of their homes. Compared to the stories that others have shared with their experiences on their children’s schools, MCA is one to be followed and modeled. Thank you, and may this spring break be one of quality family time..

– Pilar and Alex

Hats off to you! We are very impressed. Huge thank you to the whole team. Never did we imagine any of this but everything is working GREAT with the virtual class setup! I have been broadcasting to everyone near and far how blessed we are that the kids will stay on track with their curriculum – in a familiar model of learning. And that the parents don’t have to step in to be home teachers. AND that the kids really like it! It’s comforting that things can stay as normal as possible.
Brilliant! Bravo!

– Mette

Dear MCA and teachers,

Time has come for us parents to write to all of you on this the first Friday after going into virtual mode.Thank you all for this week’s lessons and your huge effort of changing the traditional classroom activities into a virtual reality we probably have to live with for some time now. We know that it is not easy teaching from home with your small kids around you and especially when they don’t understand why mum and dad are now home full time, but for some strange inexplicable reason can’t be with them! And at the same time for those of you who have teenagers and who also need your help during their home schooling day, but can’t get the attention due to you being busy helping our kids.We are truly grateful and wish you a pleasant spring break.Keep Safe and count on us if we in any way can help in the weeks to come..

– Bolette and Anders

Kudos to all of you for putting this together and being there for the kids.

– Flor

You guys are doing a phenomenal job. I’m so blown away by the professionalism and quick shift from face to face to long distance learning. You have such a great team and I know it’s led by an incredible principal..

– Kristen

A big shout out to you and MCA team for all that you are doing to keep learning front and center for our children. I am very impressed with how quickly the team pivoted to offer a viable solution and keep our kids with a level of discipline and routine. Day 1 was awesome!

– Luani

My kids have been attending MCA since they were in third grade. And they’re Now going to sixth grade and thriving! They have grown so much both intellectually and emotionally. The support system at MCA Academy is exceptional and the quality of the education is outstanding!.

– Carolina Q.

Thank you, MCA. My son attended MCA for 3 years, through the end of 5th grade, at which time we moved out of state. He is now mid-way through his first term, as a 6th grade middle-schooler, at a highly competitive private school for gifted and advanced learners. He is earning straight As, completely on his own, and showing remarkable independence and discipline. He has even received commendations from the teachers on unprompted efforts to help not only the students, but the teachers – with keeping the classroom tidy. I am blown away. Without doubt I credit this to his upbringing to the warm, caring, nurturing and phenomenal environment he experienced at MCA. Thank you. ~Nina D

– Nina D.

MCA Academy is an excellent school with a strong academic focus and teachers and a principal who really care. The class size is small and the curriculum is focused. There is limited homework due to the fact that all of the time at school is spent on academic endeavors. The learning environment is ideal and the students are kept motivated by having weekly benchmarks that they must attain in every subject. The parents are kept well informed on a weekly basis by the teachers. The communication between teachers, principal and parents is exceptional. I highly recommend this school if you are serious about your child’s education and want them to have a positive learning environment where they can reach their full potential.

– Ana C.

After quite an odyssey we have finally found the school of our dreams! Compared to public and private school experiences in Miami and abroad we have hit gold with MCA. MCA gets it right with small classes, individual attention, happy and confident children throughout the school and caring, competent faculty. Now that we have finally found the right school for our three children we are so happy that MCA continues through High School.

Our children love working independently and are invested in their classmates success. At a recent gathering of parents and teachers the words MCA Magic and MCA Family were heard with praise from incoming parents combined with a shear sense of relief of having found a truly child-centered educational environment. Bravo MCA! Ms. Acosta, MCA principal runs the school flawlessly with great attention to detail and a heart of gold. We find MCA to be more than just a school. It’s a dynamic, refreshing educational sanctuary where children are pushed to reach their highest potential of excellence while keeping an eye on social skills and compassion for others.

– Robert and Mette C.

They say it takes a village to raise a child.  It turns out that MCA Academy was our village.

Our son graduated last week from MCA Academy and is now going onto college in Europe.  He has been at MCA for 7 years (through elementary and high school) and during that time he has transformed into a confident straight A student.  It was not always easy, but MCA’s teachers and leadership provided a nurturing and supportive framework to encourage and bring out the best in our son. The school’s small size allows individual attention and the weekly contact (via email) allowed us to truly be involved in our son’s education and progress.

We are profoundly thankful to Brigitte for founding the school and now Ingrid Acosta for leading it as Principal and President.  Ingrid and her staff of outstanding teachers have been our partners throughout my son’s education and we are forever beholden. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you,

Caroline and Richard L.

I am very appreciative of the teachers at MCA for helping my son find himself and the motivation to work hard to succeed! It has been such a boost to his self-confidence! When he saw his report card, he even said to me, “I’m going to try to do even better this time!” Also, when I asked him after the first quarter what is different between his prior school and this one, why does he think he is doing so much better, he said, “The teachers here truly care if you do well or not!”  After such a difficult time the last few years, it is such a relief to see him progressing and wanting to do well!  Thank you so very much!

– Julie K.

Progressive is a word I would use to best describe MCA –  it is a  school where individuality is encour-aged and the keyword is respect. Students are taught to respect their teachers, their classmates and  the environment. With small classes and conscientious teachers no child gets left behind and those whose are gifted are moved ahead. The online studies are clear and the students know exactly what is expected of them in order to achieve. The culture amongst the students is that it is “cool” to succeed, to work hard and play hard. The focus is on a well rounded education and  teaches students to think for themselves. There are lots of discussions, students learn to form their own opinions and present them in a constructive manner. The teachers are positive, upbeat, always smiling and obviously happy in their work. The positive attitude of both teachers and students is infectious.  As a parent I could not recommend this school highly enough.  Some parents maybe perturbed by the short school day but there are plenty of after-noon activities to participate in for working parents.

– Helen B.

When I moved to Miami with my children, I knew I needed to find a small, nurturing environment for my kids. My older daughter had been bullied in the past; I wanted to put her in a learning environ-ment where she could concentrate on her work and feel supported and safe. My children came to MCA from a rather strict and formal school. They just love how the teachers at MCA interact with the kids and parents on a personal level. The teachers email the parents at least once a week to update on the kids’ progress. It’s a cozy environment. Both of my children love their teachers and their classmates. One thing I really appreciate about the school is that all the kids hang out together—girls and boys, and older kids and younger kids. Because the school is so small, there are no cliques and no one is ever left out. My kids actually want to go to school every day and they come home with lots of stories about their school day. It’s really a nice feeling to know that your kids are excited about school and about learn-ing. Because of the small class sizes, they get a huge amount of one-on-one attention. They both tell me that they feel like they learn more, understand more and are able to process more information in a shorter period of time than at their former school.

– Michelle K.

I have two daughters that attend MCA Academy, we have been to many top private and public schools before moving to Florida.  I love the “whole child” approach which covers multidiscipline and I have found MCA to meet a lot of that criteria.As parents we want our girls to be mature independent thinkers, academically challenged and learn how to invest in themselves yet be compassionate and respectful of others.The environment that MCA provides allows our daughters to positively challenge themselves to succeed  and strive.  There are benchmarks that are required for each grade but when you are self motivate, have loving teachers that truly recognize your efforts, you strive to be better (Think of a coach/mentor that has influenced your life).  You learn pride in your own accomplishments with very little competition. However, I believe competition is important as it teaches you character and inspires self awareness.Aside from the standard education in their grade, they also get exposed to the 21st century of worldly issues in history, art, religion and politics. The school offers afterschool activities such as French, music, art, oceanography and philanthropic efforts locally.Although they don’t have any sports in their curriculum, my daughters play in a travel club team and don’t feel the pressure in a traditional school system but yet are academically challenged.  Since the class sizes are small you get the benefits of individualized attention. You also avoid the peer pressures that you may encounter in a typical school and embrace a global community of like minded people.

– Sylvia P.

Love of Learning meets Joie de Vivre in a caring environment, where essential values, manners & work ethic come to life. MCA is home to this colorful scenario, where your child will be inspired to become the most that he/she can be, both personally and professionally.

– Rosanna H.

Our child has been studying at MCA for 2 years. We chose MCA because of the excellent staff and erudite founder. We also prefer the superb student-teacher ratio at MCA. Our daughter loves the school and really enjoys the camaraderie with her schoolmates. She has been challenged to strive and rewarded with positive support on a routine basis by her caring teachers. We definitely recom-mend the independent learning style MCA offers its students who gain a good sense of industrious-ness. Thank you very much!

– Sacha and Abigail D.

My child has attended MCA Academy for the past two years. We placed her at MCA because she was having a hard time assimilating to the social scene in public school. We both felt she was one of many and knew she needed better guidance and social interaction.  She was struggling to stay at a C level and becoming withdrawn and frustrated.  She simply was not happy. At MCA she has become much less fearful of social interaction and I am proud to say that this term she is getting straight A’s. All her teachers take pride and personal attention to nurture and guide our daughter’s scholastic weaknesses and strengths.  They are simply amazing.  She couldn’t be with better teachers. The change in her is of course self-driven, but the fuel behind her effort is definitely the help she gets on a consistent basis from her teachers.  They also keep us informed.  I am thrilled with all the changes I have seen in my daughter.  She has worked hard and has always been a great child, but without MCA I know she would not have the foundation in school or socially to thrive.  This environment has excelled her for the challenges ahead.  We know there will be more hurtles in life, but now I know that she sees she can achieve her goals.  Her self-confidence has had a profound effect on her whole life.  I could not thank the school and teachers enough.  You have all become a second home for our child.  Thank you.

– Gary S.

My daughter has been a student at MCA for the past 5 years.  I arrived at MCA at a time where my daughter’s tough tennis schedule and the constant battle to complete her extensive homework and various assignments had taken away her love of the academics.  I visited MCA with the hopes of find-ing a learning institution and found a family where my child could learn, grow and flourish.  This is evident even more during their end of year award ceremony, heart warming beyond words… 

– Nathalie K.

Years your child/children has/have been at MCA:
My son has been with MCA for four years.

Why did you choose MCA for child/children?
We chose MCA for its small class size and the individualized attention he would receive. His passion is tennis and we felt MCA would give him the flexibility to pursue the sport without sacrificing his academics.

Describe your child’s/children’s experience academically and/or socially at MCA.
At MCA, my son has matured and become confident in his academic abilities.  Most recently his report cards have been straight A’s and honor role.  We are certain this would not have happened without the attention he has received from his teachers at MCA. Socially he has made some great friends.

What is your child’s/children’s relationship like with his/her teachers?
This is the best part of MCA.  The small class size really helps the students and teachers form a close-ness absent in larger classrooms.  The teachers are all caring and sensitive to each child’s needs.  One of the greatest features about MCA is the “Friday Progress Email”.  This is an individualized round up of the week’s progress, any outstanding homework and any other comments about my son.  Did he behave, is he falling behind or is he on benchmark in each subject?  This weekly email has been an invaluable tool for us to make sure he stays on track and helps us really connect with him academically.

Any advice or messages you would like to give other parents who are searching for an alternative educational experience for their children?
MCA is a loving and caring environment for children.  Our son, has matured both socially and academically at MCA.  We love the school and strongly recommend it to any prospective parents.

– Richard L.

My daughter started MCA in the fall of 2011 and it has been a blessing. The support that we receive from her teachers and the administrative staff is so appreciated. I feel like they look at each child as an individual and are willing to do whatever it takes for each child to succeed both academically and socially. It is such a relief and I am grateful.

– Laure F.

Years your child/children has/have been at MCA:

Why did you choose MCA for child/children?
We weren’t happy with traditional schools, public or private. There simply wasn’t enough personal attention with students, MCA does!

Describe your child’s/children’s experience academically and/or socially at MCA.
Our son has built up self esteem and academically he has put a lot more effort into school and now is a straight “A” student.

What is your child’s/children’s relationship like with his/her teachers?
He feels very comfortable in speaking with any of his teachers and feels good with the communication level.

Any advice or messages you would like to give other parents who are searching foran alternative educational experience for their children?
It’s a wonderful experience to try for those with kids that think outside the box. Kids can excel at their own levels!

Any additional information you would like to provide?
The owner as well as the staff are like family and treat their school as such! It’s just a wonderful and safe environment!

– Marco T.