The Academy

Building Confidence & Motivation

MCA Academy is a private school where students can fulfill their dreams and achieve their full academic potential. Here you will find an exceptional, fully accredited, individualized program from 1st to 12th grade, nationally recognized as having an above-average academic level.

Our structure is designed to build self-confidence and motivation in students. Internationally recognized curriculums are tailored to each student’s needs with instruction by highly trained teachers.

A low teacher-student ratio provides an enriched environment with attention and feedback that keeps learning fresh and exciting. Students maximize learning within their school day and therefore have limited homework.

Because of our accommodating, yet rigorous program, students who need to take time for sports training and competition, visual, performing, and fine arts or other endeavors have the ability to fulfill course requirements and complete their education at a flexible pace bench-marked and monitored by MCA. In addition, MCA offers the possibility of grade advancement during the regular school year for those high achieving and disciplined students who want to get ahead and move to the next grade level in one or more courses during the same academic year.


We offer a nontraditional approach to schooling and that is the appeal to students and parents seeking a high-quality alternative to conventional education.

We use fully accredited curriculums from Oak Meadow, Keystone School and Florida Virtual School for high school student athletes. These proven programs provide flexibility while reinforcing the core elements in a progressive education.

MCA Academy provides its students with
the academic tools, social skills, and
strong character traits to succeed in life.

Grades 1–5  |  Grades 6–12


MCA Academy, the best school in Miami

MCA Academy is excited and proud to announce that we have moved to a larger, all-new custom-designed educational facility in the Mayfair building directly beneath our previous location. This exciting change was made to accommodate our increased growth and provide a high-quality learning environment for our students that will inspire and motivate them for many years to come. Our address remains the same with the exception of the suite number, which is now 500.

MCA Academy has moved to a new high-quality learning facility within the Mayfair building
• Our new home is 7,000+ square feet and was custom built exclusively for MCA Academy
• 11 Classrooms – Grades 1 – 12
• Modern School Furnishings
• Dedicated High-Speed Internet
• Improved Security System
• After-School Programs

As we improve our education facility, we remain committed to keeping the following MCA Academy core values and traditions:

• MCA’s vision and mission
• Small teacher-student ratio
• Family-feel environment
• Regularly scheduled outdoor recess breaks
• Use of open setups where students can communicate ideas and facilitate discussion around a table as in the Harkness Method
• Bimonthly school-wide team building and character development meetings
• Pick-up and drop-off locations for students
• Our relationship with the MCofM and access to their after-school music program for our students will remain the same